GTM RJL Racks v 2.0 [for v1.26]

Just a compability update version to v1.26
Simple, yet hopefully effective, mod adds new Racks with ladders for RJL Scania R&Streamline and T mods.
In v2.0 racks come in 3 variants: paint, chrome and dark
Works perfectly with Scania R Streamline modifications v2.1 by RJL
Should work on Scania T also
Fitted individually for each cabin.
Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything.

Tested on 1.26 (will not work on any other game version)



12 thoughts on “GTM RJL Racks v 2.0 [for v1.26]

  1. Make for DAF 105 please

  2. Hello, GT-Mike,

    I´m happy, you be back. And in this Place I say thank you for
    your new and adapted Mods today. I´ve loading all. 🙂

    Thank you very much.

  3. Great job Mike 🙂

  4. AlexCrazy

    old mod, not update, uploader is not GT-Mike

    1. Well finally someone found it out, yes i am not Mike, i am just a fan of his mod, it just a compability update with some little tweaks, i am just sharing out for others who love his mods too, the credits still belong to him

      1. Friend this is not correct to make fun of people, because this mystery? enough even add your name
        so you have only created confusion
        next time as we have to know who the original author?

      2. AlexCrazy

        nothing update here, files in mod is from march 2016 and earlier

        1. You’re right, I checked myself and I had not found updates
          however, they work perfectly.
          However I found the problem of GTmike mod (original) not compatible in my game, I redid the new file manager and all the mods are back compatible.
          CiaoZ e thanks

      3. Yes but still it works great thanks m8 !!

        1. GT-Mike Fan

          Okay..sorry that i am not familiar with the modding community
          so i will just put my name as GT-Mike Fan, this will do right?
          for all who wondered where the real Mike went,

          u can find it in the last two pages of this thread

          1. Can you update this and the other you updated to 1.26 to 1.27 please !!??

  5. 1.27 please

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