GTM RJL Scania P series cabs for Scania R&Streamline


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This mod adds new P series size cabs to RJL’s Scanai R&Streamline mod.

You need to install: RJL Scania R&Streamline modifications v 1.4.1 in order for this mod to work.

Features list:
-propper sized P series cabs
-individual interiors
-propper engine badges (optional)
-special feature – loger chasis with a loglifter crane
-fully compatible with original RJL’s parts
-compatible with most GTM mods
-skinning templates included (but most RJL R series skins should work too)

Tested on 1.22 with no log errors.



20 thoughts on “GTM RJL Scania P series cabs for Scania R&Streamline

  1. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Finally mate ,waiting for it for so long. Great work

  2. thanks GT-Mike…great work…(Y)(Y)(Y)

  3. There is no V8 for the P-Series though. That has to be removed, otherwise great!

  4. Very nice on the video but by my side when I select a P cabin my game crashes…

    Any idea ?

    Anyway thx for the mod 😉

  5. very thanks GT-Mike!
    You have a request.
    Will you make the tube bar under the side skirt?

    my English does not get off with poorness

  6. Thanks for Sharing

  7. thank you gt-mike love your mods

  8. Mr.Aspirin

    my game crash every time when im trying to put a P cap on the Chassis 🙁 did i have to deactivate any mods like stena stal tuning ?

  9. Excellent, thanks for this. Can anyone recommend a sound mod which works with this mod.

  10. It doesn’t appear in my game,but I have already installed it.

  11. niki59rus

    Привет. А будет ли в обновлении шасси тандем?

  12. niki59rus

    Hey. And whether to upgrade the chassis tandem ?

  13. I don’t find the truck in game…

  14. Hello. Ive got problem with Gas tanks. On original RJL Scanias they are, but on this one i cant see them. In mods ive got only Scania RJL 1.4.1 and this one.


  15. El Dromadero

    How i can install this mod??

  16. Hi GT-Mike,
    when I select one of the P Cabs, the chassis disappears. this is my mod list, do you know if any of these are incompatible with yours?

  17. Please could you create this mod for 1.24 and up 🙂

  18. noting truck in v1.16

  19. janjanjan

    Nice Mod! Could you please update it to v1.30?

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