GTM RJL Sidebars

Sidebars-1 Sidebars-2

Mod adds new sidebars for RJL’s Scania R&Streamline.

Bars come in 3 variants:
– Paint
– Chrome
– Dark

You can add any lights you want to them.
Basic “addon_hookup” file included for adding stock SCS lights, but you can easilly add more.

Mod tested on 1.22 game version.

Author: GT-Mike


15 thoughts on “GTM RJL Sidebars

  1. Can link Tires ? THX

  2. Swedish Warrior

    Who are you doing here kidding WHY
    you can see the sidebar only on the long
    Chassi use?

  3. They only appear on the long chassis, on the 4×2 and 6×2/6×4 short chassis they’re invisible. The bars are too nice to let go to waste 😛

  4. Sorry, my mistake.
    Here’s the link with mod working 100%

  5. Thanks GT-MiKe ??

  6. Thanks lad!!

  7. very very Thanks!

  8. DigiTaL_MaN

    thank you

  9. Samuele Pincelli

    Can you male a version where you add hella led light?

  10. ets2 version 1.21 ???

  11. To you a question. Front bumper and again or skirt can make, such as the Scania of Punisher?

  12. SKoogiz93

    how can i add more lights help PLZ

  13. Truckdriver

    Why none of the RJL mods not working for me? I just want a nice sideskirt for my scania streamline.

  14. AlwaysLuuk


  15. FikitR730

    Please, can you give mě Link on your Black wheels? THX

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