GTM RJL Yellow Bumperlights

Yellow-Bumperlights-1 Yellow-Bumperlights-2

Simple, yet hopefully effective, mod adds new options to install yellow glass covers for RJL’s Scanias bumper foglamps.
Works with all bumper variants.
A total of 9 new options added for each bumper.

Tested on latest version of RJL’s Scanias.
Game version 1.21.x (1.22 ready)

Author: GT-Mike


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4 thoughts on “GTM RJL Yellow Bumperlights

  1. puffitheone

    Cool stuff.this truck will be better and better…

  2. Would be possible to make yellow fogs for R2008 by keda as well_ would be awesome.

  3. Amazing mods man, keep it up. Could you maybe make yellow headlights aswell that work with your eyebrows?

  4. I have this Mod Installed under Version 1.22 and this is for RS-SCANIA and not Running . Can you Please this for the R-SCANIA ?.

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