GTM SIM R Demo 2


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Standalone, tested on 1.16.x

– All bugs of the previous version fixed
– Removed “blind” def files leading to game crash
– New grill, bumper, panel, headlight options
– New “plastic” variants of most chasis parts
– Badges and logos as optional accessories
– All modern R series engines available with badges for V8 engines

Authors: GT-Mike, RJL, 50keda


12 thoughts on “GTM SIM R Demo 2

  1. it’s streamline?

    1. simaozinho

      Scania R

  2. could someone make a S.verbeek skin, both old and new? that would be great

  3. вован84

    скажите пожалуйста 50keda …что вы будете делать и будете ли вообще создавать восстанавливать SCANIA R2008 У НЕЕ ФАРЫ ЧЕРНЫЕ…

  4. But the game can i fix this ? I dont have other mods

  5. Maybe make som skins for it?And some high pipes..Would be great..Nice work on the truck:)

  6. BEST BEST Scania mod thanks guys

  7. Good work, i like it. But some parts don´t work like the Michelin Puppet…

  8. GTM SIM R Demo 2 Video

  9. I no have addons by 50k for this Scania, how i can fix it?

  10. so… where is the def release?

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