Gudbrand skin for Daf XF105 by stanley


respect authors work please do not reupload

Alexandar Lone Wolf


13 thoughts on “Gudbrand skin for Daf XF105 by stanley

  1. Nice,please skins for Scania RLJ,thanks

  2. guys please help me…..
    which software is using ets2 game recording..
    i tryed some softwares but dont warking
    please answer…… help me please please…….

    1. You can download Bandicam is free and easy to use

      1. Or OBS. And man that’s an awesome skin

      2. ZOSO.. i tryed Bandicam., but the game recording has automatically stoped.

        1. Piratxxx11

          Because free version only 1 minute record 😛 BUY THIS!! 😛

          1. It seems to me that with Bandicam free you can record 10 or 15 minutes
            not a single minute.
            Piratxxx11 not be pessimistic

        2. For longer recordings need a software payment.
          You can also try CamStudio or Tube Catcher
          But I do not know the duration of the recordings of these free software

          1. i also used camstudio bt that software donot capture any game ..

        3. Camstudio works perfectly
          in the main window of Camstudio you have to set all options
          otherwise on you tube there are many tutorials
          more I can not do

  3. Ty+for+skin+please+tell+my+you+are+Romanian+?

  4. alexandar_lone_wolf

    No i’m from Serbia

  5. great skin like all your work big respekt just awesome thanks for your work

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