H.Freund Modpack


In this mod pack:
– MAN TGX skin
– MB Actros MP4 skin
– Volvo FH16 skin
– Renault Magnum skin
– DAF XF skin
– Two trailers

Author: skinFABRIK


6 Responses to H.Freund Modpack

  1. dbreuer says:


    do you also build the Scania skin ?


  2. dbreuer says:


    i´am again:
    The Skins dont work.
    Anything to do ?

  3. AlterEgo says:

    Hei skinFabrik, your lightflares on the trucks are ridiculous, way to bright and unrealistic, just saying…

  4. skinFABRIK says:

    the company has no scania

    ps: go home AlterEgo

  5. dbreuer says:

    Sorry skinFABRIK,

    i´m born in Frechen (Home of H.Freund).
    In the Past they had a few of Scanias (older of course).
    Your trailors and the Volvo skin are working fine. But the other Truck skin not.

    Can you help ?


  6. EINIUSLT says:

    Tikrai geras modas

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