Halling Farkt update to 1.32

Hello i update the halling_frakt that was public beceause he was public i give him again in public for 1.32

If you have a crash pleas contact me or leave a reaction

Akirix, Stian, Crisan21 and Gunther


6 Responses to Halling Farkt update to 1.32

  1. ysy770724977 says:

    This little trailer is great! Can you add cement bricks and other construction goods to the goods?

    • bullseye says:

      i can maybe in future. i think in january that i can doe some things

  2. Terje Lahaug says:


  3. Laffen_04 says:

    Will this be ownable in the future?

  4. Snartlyn111 says:

    I get it in game but it doesnt show up at cargomarket and if i try to see it in trailers my game crash

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