Hammar Boxloader V6.0

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ETS2 1.26.x.x + DLC Scandinavia + DLC France

Hammar Boxloader with 12 cargos V 6.0

– with Advanced Trailer Coupling

z3d_base by Akirix 3D

Rebuilt by Roadhunter

Standalone Trailer with 12 cargo

Cargo : Boxloader Empty weight : 7 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 30ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Kuehlcontainer weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Nitro Tank weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Opentop weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Traktor weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Leer weight : 5 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Container weight : 30 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Opentop weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Rack mit Holzbox weight : 22 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Reefer weight : 25 tons

– Skins 20ft 40ft Reefer, 20ftOpentop 20ft_Box by TSM Team
– 20ft Opentop / Base Container: by EED123 / Opentop version: Mr_Zer
– Traktor Giants Software
– Nitro Tank by Roadhunter
– 30ft Container / Skins: Nordich (remake Mr_Zer) / Model: Alex Antonov
– Plattform by Roadhunter
– 3x 40ft Container Skin by Steini

supported me through PayPal : www.paypal.me/Roadhunter
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Roahunter, Akirix 3D, Steini and many more



5 thoughts on “Hammar Boxloader V6.0

  1. HD Video Test 1.26… youtube.com/watch?v=1YdTWf0Utm8&feature=youtu.be

  2. Gameplayhd2015

    Good mod but very very laggy,cuts 10 FPS when with trailer driving and when parking at destination if there is another trailer from this pack parked,cuts 20 FPS or more!

  3. qualitystuff – highly appreciated !


  4. Gameplayhd2015

    Video with this amazing quality trailer pack(altough little laggy):


  5. X_GamingPL

    Nice Trailer !

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