Hammar Boxloader with 12 Cargos v 5.1


ETS2 1.25.x.x + DLC Scandinavia

Hammar Boxloader with 12 cargos V 5.1

– with Advanced Trailer Coupling

z3d_base by Akirix 3D

Rebuilt by Roadhunter

Standalone Trailer with 12 cargo

Cargo : Boxloader Empty weight : 7 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 30ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Kuehlcontainer weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Nitro Tank weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Opentop weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Traktor weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Leer weight : 5 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Container weight : 30 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Opentop weight : 25 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Rack mit Holzbox weight : 22 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 40ft Reefer weight : 25 tons

– Skins 20ft 40ft Reefer, 20ftOpentop 20ft_Box by TSM Team
– 20ft Opentop / Base Container: by EED123 / Opentop version: Mr_Zer
– Traktor Giants Software
– Nitro Tank by Roadhunter
– 30ft Container / Skins: Nordich (remake Mr_Zer) / Model: Alex Antonov
– Plattform by Roadhunter
– 3x 40ft Container Skin by Steini

supported me through PayPal : www.paypal.me/Roadhunter
my page
Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Authors: Roadhunter, Akirix 3D, TSM Team and many more


7 Responses to Hammar Boxloader with 12 Cargos v 5.1

  1. Rob says:

    dont know if your aware but there is “no file” to download through the link

  2. bullseye says:

    it say no file! Can you resolve this please?

  3. Roadhunter says:

    Hello…try it later again….link runs

  4. Mike says:

    Excellent…. love this trailermod (and all of your others)
    High Quality MOD , thanks!

  5. ElEter says:


    • ElEter says:

      lieber roadhunter

      Vielen Dank für solch ein guter mod, das ist off Topic, bitte aktualisieren Sie die Volvo 2009 8 x 8

  6. simon008 says:


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