Hamprecht Showtruck V2.0


Hamprecht Showtruck V 2.0
Here he is skinn the surprise. I’ve now experienced the first 4 weeks
of the truck was sold. So he is now a single piece 🙂

Have fun
1) Start game
2) Edit
3) Apply all
Hamprecht Showtruck by ManuBe1998.scs and tuning parts by
4) applying
5) Continue

Whom are you the only purely modfolder does. And the game starts
simply dan invites. Then we do not recognize the mod!

Author: ManuBe1998


3 thoughts on “Hamprecht Showtruck V2.0

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Looks very good mate,



    1. ManuBe1998

      Thank you Freddy 🙂
      Times together we can chat?
      sign up at times: [email protected]
      as we can tell where we want. Ok?

  2. Sarkissian

    What kind of english do you speak??
    I have no idea what you are trying to say!

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