Hand On Wheel Streeing Beta Version


Tested With , 1.9.22 Version.

This Mod is BETA Version And has BUG.

Parsa Mahdavi (Parsa.scs) From Iran


45 thoughts on “Hand On Wheel Streeing Beta Version

  1. PLEASE delete mod

    Video Please! 🙂

  2. It does make it realistic with the perception of actually seeing your hands on the wheel.

  3. RockeyGuns

    left hand pleeease 😀

  4. cool, but i’ll wait until bugs are fixed, Good job!

  5. YusupMansor

    very scary 🙁

  6. pralk0suszarka

    Will it be a zombie mode?

  7. bonne idée. J’attends avec impatience une amélioration pour plus de réalisme.

  8. do you think you could make a “female hands” version of the mod?

  9. for all trucks?

    1. volvo4life

      Looking at the scs file its only available for the new Volvo.

  10. volvo4life

    I like the idea but I will wait for the final version. Indeed it made be scared when I first saw it

  11. thedadmen

    So, show us video, how it works and how much done this mod.

  12. Looks Great. I Too Will Wait Until Bugs Are Fixed. Will The Hands On Steering Wheel Be For All Trucks? If Yes Then I Look Forward To It 🙂

  13. Hamidreza

    very good…

    nice !

  14. this could be a great mod.. keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Sarkissian

    Long scary fingers 🙂

  16. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Nice mod.
    In some way, it’s pretty creepy. It’s like a murder victim who got his arms cut off while in the truck, and the rest of his body got dragged out, but his hands are still on the steering wheel xD

    But seriously, good job! Looking forward to a update! 🙂

  17. sorry !! but it’s a ###### mod !! the idea is good but the mod is #### !!! some people can be nice and some tells the truth ,, i tell the truth

    1. Let me tell you the truth too.

      You’re an ungrateful brat. Make a better version yourself or keep that arrogant mouth shut. There are ways to criticize without being a total ####### about it.

  18. Give the man a chance. It is god with some new things and stop your craptalking.A..holes.

    1. thank you !! now people can see the reality of the crappy mod !! as i said the idea is good !! but the mod is craap !!!!

      1. then make it better A.hole or keep your mouth shut

  19. Kill4MeHILL

    LOL hahahahah! Ahh…thanx for the video, i laughed my ### off. Video speaks for itself, good idea very very very poor implementation. My arms hurt just watching that. Nice idea..needs lots n’ lots of work. thanx for the laugh.

    1. musavi_1376

      don’n forget your mother!!!

  20. nice this hands of wheels can be in already in game original version. i wait too when better version game out

  21. This Mod is mortal!

  22. MidniteTrain

    Nice job but I’ll wait.

  23. very very very very good.
    I wish you luck dear friend always work.

  24. i appreciate your work
    go on………..

  25. YusupMansor

    please for scania…
    plies pelies pelies:D

  26. nice concept, but still needs a lot of work
    SCS should consider this!

  27. i want to this mod for scania plzzz

  28. It is possible to do for all trucks

  29. very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  30. SCANIA Version Coaming Soon!!!

  31. AND
    Other Truck Version Coaming Soon!!!

    1. DAF XF 105

  32. What’s the map your using?

    1. Orginal Map


    At a certain point the steering wheel should slide trough the hands to auto center, so the shoulders can be fixed to a certain point, like the concept though…

  34. Just wait for next version of Blender2SCS plugin 😉
    It will have full support for animations 🙂

    1. musavi_1376

      have you information from new plugin?
      when its comming

  35. musavi_1376

    don’n forget your mother!!!

  36. i want the mod in v1.27

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