Happy Easter

52 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. 0veRTRucK says:

    Thank you ETS2.LT, and Happy Easter too !

    • GamerLionfish says:

      Happy Easter as well. I love this site. ETS2.lt is my primary go to site for the latest E.T.S.2 mods.

  2. Melios says:

    Καλό Πάσχα!!!!

  3. RayenGaming says:

    thanks you 😀

  4. Trucker730 says:

    ateist :v

  5. Andreas Kowalewski says:

    Danke und Reverse 🙂

  6. Diego79 says:

    Muchas Gracias!!! Felices PASCUAS!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  7. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Happy Easter…. Bunte Eier wünsch ich euch

  8. Leif says:

    Thanks and the same to you

  9. bosco says:

    happy easter……………..

  10. TuRBoO says:

    Likewise! 🙂

  11. goba says:

    Thanks! Happy Easter!

  12. Arthur Vince says:

    Happy Easter too!

  13. zrlvthn says:

    Feliz pascua para ustedes tambien chicos!!

  14. Raszta6921 says:

    Thanks! Happy Easter!

  15. Quent1_Fr says:

    Joyeuses pâques a tous !

  16. Stan says:

    Tank u people from Southamerica !!!

  17. iRi says:

    Счастливой Пасхи!

  18. Angelo says:

    Thanks! Happy Easter too 🙂

  19. gerd_e says:

    Thanks dear people of ets2.lt, who always are focused on bringing new mods to all of us. You deserve a real medal for all your outstanding work and efforts – BIG THANKS TO YOU……..
    Happy Easter to you and to all the community….

  20. Grave says:

    Vaistinu vaskrse !!

  21. 710hoso says:

    Happy Easter

  22. Tony says:

    does this work on 1.27??????

  23. seb99 says:

    Happy Easter

  24. Tazik63.ru says:

    Счастливой Пасхи.

    Христос Воскрес

  25. Seifer1968 says:

    Happy Easter to all truckers!
    Have a nice day…

  26. Panagos says:

    Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. KarenGrigoryan says:

    Христос Воскресе!

  28. scaniatrucker73 says:

    Happy Easter to everyone.

  29. JoachimK says:

    Happy Easter
    Frohe Ostern
    Joyeuses Paques

    from JBK-TRANS.

    Thank you for your great work about years for all Truckers here.
    Spend a nice Easter-Weekend.

  30. dlCLeal says:

    Happy Easter

  31. Mafiozos68 says:

    Καλό Πάσχα
    Linksmų Velykų
    Христос воскрес
    Happy Easter
    Frohe Ostern

  32. LoVVered says:

    Happy Easter to everyone! Good luck and thanks!
    Христос воскрес! Светлой Пасхи!

  33. jean-michel cristol says:

    Joyeuses Pâques à tous! Bonne chance et merci!

  34. Kacperth says:

    Happy Easter everybody 😀

  35. pcat says:

    Happy Easter to everyone ……

  36. wild volvo says:

    happy easter 🙂

  37. Mercohaulic says:

    Happy Easter to all and thank you ETS2.lt for your hard work and commitment to the games.

  38. DrRossi says:

    Thank you! Happy Easter to you too.

  39. KiLLeRModding says:

    Happy Easter 🙂

  40. michur1112 says:

    Dzięki i wzajemnie, pozdrawiam Polaków 😀

  41. Renato says:

    Christ is risen, Happy Easter!

  42. Ganslit says:

    Ir jūs su Šventom Velykom 🙂

  43. wegger says:

    Happy Easter to all!

  44. Biggey Smalley says:

    Happy Easter, renewed life and happiness to all. 🙂

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