Hard Grain Contrasted Reshade & Sweet FX

Hard-Grain-Contrasted-Reshade-2 Hard-Grain-Contrasted-Reshade-1 Hard-Grain-Contrasted-Reshade-3

– I downloaded Real Road Project’s preset and made some changes to it. I removed all setting and added a bit more contrast and a film grain.
– If these don’t suit you then you can go in to the SweetFX_settings.txt in the SweetFX folder and change these two settings using the listed options. It is a very basic setup but does a lot.
– Since only shading, film grain and technicolor 2 have been altered the performance loss is next to nothing. No special AA or effects other than those listed are being used.
**This is a 32bit (x86) version only**
– No settings have to be turned off in game.
– Toggle Reshade – F11
– Screenshot – prt sc
– Screenshots will go in to your bin folder.
– Install: Extract .zip file and place contents into your Euro Truck x86 (32bit) bin folder that has the game’s executable in it.
** You can view the screenshot comparison here: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4802/ **

Authors: Etny2k, Br3ss4n


16 thoughts on “Hard Grain Contrasted Reshade & Sweet FX

  1. KiLLer Modding

    is this sweet fx appearing in screenshot and recording game?

    1. If you use the prt screen button in game it will put the effects picture in your x86 bin folder. If you stream or record you might have to do it in desktop view like in shadowplay, I haven’t tried fullscreen. If you take a screenshot through steam it will not take a picture of the sweetfx.

      1. KiLLer Modding

        ok, thank you

  2. I wouldn’t recommend using this with weather, graphics, or lighting mods. This is pretty much a “make original game look cool”.

  3. Does it eat fps?

    1. I didn’t notice an fps drop just the usual reflections one.

  4. Can you make it for 64bit? Pls 😀

      1. Screenshot is Scr Lk in the 64bit

    1. Prt Scn is still Screenshot and Scr Lk is to turn the reshade on and off. The only difference between 32bit and 64 bit is that the 64 bit needs to have the reshade64.dll.

    2. Been having some troubles with 64bit. It has been stuck open in the background through steam. If you sign out of windows every time it works fine hehe. I still recommend 32 bit only.

    3. Thx 😀

  5. My bad Prt Scn is still Screenshot and Scr Lk is to turn it on and off.

    1. ^^ for the 64bit

      1. You might be able to switch the word SCROLL to F11 in the global settings txt file. Maybe it is the scroll lock bugging my windows 10. I uploaded it and didn’t edit that setting but F11 is a good one.

  6. i have mirror issue.
    when i open F3 virtual Mirrors show in front of me, not back.
    Did you know that ?
    If you can resolve that issue, i can use that mod forever.
    Thanks for good mod.
    And dont listen the other guys.
    Keep up, good work.

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