Hard Traffic Jam for All Versions

* Fix Stop Cars
* Fix Cars Stop Toll Station
* No many Crash with AI Cars
* more distance to front AI Car/Truck
* Now Traffic Jam on both Side
– Beta Version !!!!!
– I test only on v1.31 ! (Error on older version can happen)
– FPS inGame on my PC 30 – 40 FPS !
– Not recommended for slow Computers, but you can test !
– In the city of less traffic, such as on the Freeway
– Manifest.sii File included



4 thoughts on “Hard Traffic Jam for All Versions

  1. Ralf Schneider

    Brauche das Passwort

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    keep reloading this mod but keep on crashing!

  3. Leildo Costa

    I have the same problem..

  4. Version 1.23 🙁

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