Harley Quinn Dark / Scania R Topline


Hi there, This my version of Harley quinn skin the i did a while ago but it was in low res so i never shared it. and a scania version was also requested so i redone it in a higher res. THIS IS NOT COPYED, Wong’s skin is also nice. plz me give likes, if it is so :). thank you n Hav A HARLEY QUINN-MAS.



6 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Dark / Scania R Topline

  1. very great skin +1

  2. note. if u r using scania_multimod use the above link.
    FOR ALL OTHERS PLZ USE BELOW LINK. skirt placement differs on some mod.

  3. Schuester

    Great mod. Could you tell us what wheels those are please? Thank you!

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