Harsh Russian Baikal r20 (ETS2 1.30.x)

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Off-road map of Russia.
This map is designed for people who have a strong nervous system. for those who love simulators, rather than arcade.
In this version, new roads have been added.
A new company, Russian Post, was added with its trucks and trailers.

1. DLC “Going East!”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France” , “Bella Italia” and “Heavy Cargo Pack” must be disabled in Steam or delete DLC’s
2. You need to create a new profile. The module should not be changed.




31 thoughts on “Harsh Russian Baikal r20 (ETS2 1.30.x)

  1. Without Italy you will need С.Р.Байкал r20 MAP2.scs\model2\props\street\animated
    animated folder here: sharemods.com/?op=upload_result&st=OK&fn=vl45f7qnlyyi

    1. How to disable dlc?

      1. The Travellers (Australia)

        before go to game, make sure go the your Steam Account and unticked all your DLS.then go back to the play the game. make sure you have these DLS re-tick back before you turn back to your normal cards with DLS compatible ! enjoy !

        1. Am using cracked version. .how i can disable dlc?

          1. Right click on the game shortcut with the mouse. From the drop-down menu, click the Properties link. Look at the target line that appears in the small window. Leave a space at the end of this line and paste the following line to the end of the line.
            -no_dlc eut2_east eut2_fr eut2_heavy_cargo eut2_it eut2_north

            Now restart ETS2.

  2. sebaacasandrei123


  3. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz


    I LOVE YOU <3!

  4. MetalGhostxD

    If you have problems with the map, follow this file order:
    С.Р.Байкал r20
    С.Р.Байкал r20_2
    С.Р.Байкал r20_3
    Почта России
    Sound r20
    Зимняя С.Р.Байкал r20 (fog on the map – optional)
    Гололед для зимы (snow on the map and wheels of trucks with snow- optional)
    And I should get it right, thanks for sharing the map

  5. Hello,Thank+yoo+for+the+Map





  6. Digital X

    We still doing this? Chucking out the bug ridden free version? Good grief.

  7. Link+Isn’t+Working+SlavikSD

    1. Without Italy you will need С.Р.Байкал r20 MAP2.scs\model2\props\street\animated
      Animated folder here: http://sharemods.com/vl45f7qnlyyi/Baikal-R20_animated.rar.html

    2. MetalGhostxD

      No necessary, just only disable DLC, Italia is not required

  8. How Do I Disable These DLC’s On A Shortcut Of The Game?

    1. A shortcut to the game in the Object field:
      …..\eurotrucks2.exe” -no_dlc eut2_east eut2_fr eut2_heavy_cargo eut2_it eut2_north

  9. will it work with rusmap and promods ??

    1. Bradley1985


  10. game crashes when i select city to start

    1. The author recommends starting the game in Khabarovsk

  11. pls+help+,+as+I+have+downloaded+ets2+from+torrent

  12. Driving_SG

    Very nice map, definitely worth a try, video (installation etc.)…

  13. WobblyCaptain

    Played on this map for many years always look forward to a update and a challenge.
    below in the video is just one example of what to expect

  14. ismail ozdemir

    Why didn’t you develope a map compatible with DLCs or Promods??
    I wanna drive on this map by my russian monster Maz 6460 off road but I don’t want to disable the other mods/DLCs :((((

  15. please help.
    when i load the map it keep on saying “something when wrong with the load save”.
    And on the g_minicon it said that the europe map fail to load.

  16. i+cant+download+is+not+complete+link+expired?+help???

  17. game crash after 3 min of ride 1.31+

    1. “For 1.30”, 1.3 is not compatible

      1. “1.31”*

  18. Theres no through way at vydrino on the map

    1. If a road can’t be driven through, look around for a secret shortcut road, its like that in lots of locations on this.

  19. Very fun map mod and has potential, but still needs to be fixed.

    1, Mud Roads will glitch out and you fall through the map
    2. too many invisible walls everywhere
    3. GPS doesn’t work correctly on lots of roads
    4. Repair stations and sea ports don’t spawn the truck properly
    5. Hired drivers don’t make any money even when fully leveled up and end up bankrupting your company
    6 many sleep zones not working

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