Hartman Expeditie Scania skin


Hartman Expeditie Scania for scania truck’s.
sunvisor white or orange leds
Trailer pack Hartman Expeditie.
Truckshop V7

Author: DennisR500


5 thoughts on “Hartman Expeditie Scania skin

  1. can you make a truck skin?:)

    The trucks name = the flying eagle


  2. At first glance I thought hey, that’s a nice livery, I think I’ll download it… then I saw the inclusion of the entire Truck Shop mod and the 133mb filesize. No thanks.

  3. By me!!

  4. Waarom zit het complete Truck Shop Mod erbij Dennis? Een simpele versie van de Scania V4 was voldoende geweest voor de grille alleen

  5. Are the wheels included?

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