Harvester in AI traffic


Mod added harvester in traffic.
The harvester only appears on local roads.
Reduced spawn ratio to 0.1.
Harvester speed limits 40 km/h.

DLC France not required!

SCS, SlavikSD


10 Responses to Harvester in AI traffic

  1. aaron says:

    no correct. this is the REAR steering wheels on a harvester !

  2. kriechbaum says:

    Wow the famous front steer harvester.

  3. Lucasdriver70 says:

    very good job!

  4. Tom S. says:

    Thank you! More variety in the road traffic is always good.

  5. Joe the gamer says:

    Nice! 🙂

  6. aaron says:


  7. losevo58 says:

    SlavikSD! Ты, бля, с какого перепугу себе авторство приписал гнида?
    Вытащил файлы из base.scs и dlc_fr и себя в авторы.
    Этот комбайн уже имеется в игре.
    SlavikSD! You’re ####### with a fright authorship attributed nit?
    I pulled files from base.scs and dlc_fr himself to the authors.
    This processor is already available in the game.

  8. Cipinho says:

    sorry but I get game crash with this mod activated (1.26 without France DLC)

    • Cipinho says:

      wait, it’s working if placed above all other traffic and trailer mods 😉 thanks!

  9. oldgu says:

    Love the mod but the harvesters disappear into thin air sometimes ?

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