Hd Environment + prefab + sound City


new skins and textures in stores
new improved sound City hd
new improved graphics quality overall

version v 1.21 / 1.22

STUDIOMEDIA (Diseño de Moises Gallardo)


11 thoughts on “Hd Environment + prefab + sound City

  1. It works with other graphic mods or is need to disable any graphic mods, if I have ?

  2. Looks great but the file looks great too…………

  3. moises gallardo

    test done with this mod gives you … if you change failures by yours ….
    I personally do not think it fails to prove that it works and modify textures … only …. and improving quality.

  4. STUDIOMEDIA(moises gallardo)

    I am a photographer and designer among other things every day design new things in my game and I think for me is well designed and is original I’ll share with you all

  5. Game crash……..

    1. game crashed for me to on 2.1 🙁

  6. AlexCrazy

    author use LSD? :))

  7. Game crash –> Face!!

  8. Legal, ainda não testei,

  9. why the system gradually..lost

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