HD Textures v 5.0


Tested with 1.13 version and Promods

Author: rPedersen


13 thoughts on “HD Textures v 5.0

  1. video

  2. perfect, good job and wonderful HD texture


    …and I need no video – I touch myself

    1. rPedersen

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Baba, we don’t need to know that you touch yourself.

      1. do it

        1. do what

  3. meget godt lavet

  4. textures brutal rsrsrsrs cade creativity of these people …. why is my graphical improvements show dawnload …. and pretty soon they will cast another 7.0 ov wait !!! ###: Leandro Silva Team Game Over Graphics

  5. ..here you go,without AI and Light/Trucks/Streets, only material/texture: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/80162165/file.html

    1. What is the point of this?
      Does this make the lighting work better?

  6. Find Ai/Truck and Street lights mod and combine with this pack/mod…

  7. Hi….
    work 1.12.1 ?

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