HDR Fix v1.2


Description: It fixes the glow problem of the default HDR.

Fixed night bloom. You can test using headlights near bridges or road signs, in v1.1 these were emanating light, not so realistic.

Here is an album of 3 pictures taken with: http://imgur.com/a/QMGPN#0
No HDR, Default HDR, HDR Fix at around 13:00 in game

Works with v1.12.


DOWNLOAD 2 KB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 2 KB uploadfiles

8 thoughts on “HDR Fix v1.2

  1. thank you, is much better than v1.1

  2. frate, tu zici ca asta e versiunea 1.2 dar de fapt este tot versiunea 1.1.

    [the download link is for HDR FIX V1.1]

    1. use second link (uploadfiles) for v1.2

      1. thank you @max. It works! 🙂

  3. Nice work again: Until now I used the first version,but
    this is better.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Slovenia zak4862

  4. wonderful work again.
    V 1.1 was good. This second version is tip top 🙂
    Good job, bro!

  5. nIGhT-SoN

    Sorry for the inconvenience, seems like something messed up when I sent the mod. Here is the link to v1.2 on sharemods: http://sharemods.com/l77ykge9380n/HDR_Fix_v1.2__by_nIGhT-SoN_.scs.html

    The uploadfiles seems to be good, it takes you to v1.2.

    Sorry again.

  6. thatba5tard

    Great mod, I hate bloom fx and this tones it down nicely and doesn’t interfere with my other mods.

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