HDR mod v.1.0.1


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Mod deleted gloss.
Respect my work does not get out on the other side do not change your link.

misiek108 (Bartorex167)



7 thoughts on “HDR mod v.1.0.1

  1. i play MHApromap 2.2 .. with this HDR mod ; game chrashed…

  2. I play default map: with mod game crashed

  3. 执念i

  4. Piratxxx11

    Work with ProMods, work with EU by MHA….ok??????????????
    Why You ###### kids say this ::::?????

    1. Dude, stop calling everyone kids.
      So they don’t know something, so what?
      It brings down from your intelligence and makes you sound the a kid yourself.

  5. couse the don’t know that hdr mod can’t go with any weather mod they using:P

  6. dirtytrucker

    Works just fine for me. Nice mod….thankyou.

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