Head-up Display for Trucks

Hello. This is first version of Head-Up display for trucks.
On head-up display you can see your speed, and navigation.

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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11 thoughts on “Head-up Display for Trucks

  1. Fake #######!

  2. password?

  3. Fake? You are retarded? All is working I test it on v 1.30. And password is not need or you want edit his ###### kid?

    1. @BadBoy
      Please show the video how it works for you.
      At me this mod only changes the background of the GPS navigator, and the arrow.

      1. Video is not good idea because i have 30FPS if i playing normal 😀 What truck you have? if you have truck with GPS navigation mod not works. Mod works only with trucks without GPS navigation.

        1. Diogo Guerreiro

          BadBoy, I bought a Scania S without navigation and doesn’t work…

      2. Diogo Guerreiro

        Me too, chnages it, but dont shows up in the windshield

  4. willy1962

    does it works on RTA Trucks ?

  5. FAKE !!!
    NOT A “Head-up” !!!

    Only changes background color & truck point icon in the standart SCS GPS navigator !


  6. dont work for scania rlj

  7. Sether Oscar

    Nope, no ‘Heads up Display’ here, its very clearly FAKE.

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