Head-up Display for Trucks

Hello. This is first version of Head-Up display for trucks.
On head-up display you can see your speed, and navigation.

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂



11 Responses to Head-up Display for Trucks

  1. FilMit says:

    Fake #######!

  2. cihan says:


  3. BadBoy says:

    Fake? You are retarded? All is working I test it on v 1.30. And password is not need or you want edit his ###### kid?

    • FilMit says:

      Please show the video how it works for you.
      At me this mod only changes the background of the GPS navigator, and the arrow.

      • BadBoy says:

        Video is not good idea because i have 30FPS if i playing normal 😀 What truck you have? if you have truck with GPS navigation mod not works. Mod works only with trucks without GPS navigation.

        • Diogo Guerreiro says:

          BadBoy, I bought a Scania S without navigation and doesn’t work…

      • Diogo Guerreiro says:

        Me too, chnages it, but dont shows up in the windshield

  4. willy1962 says:

    does it works on RTA Trucks ?

  5. TRUCKER says:

    FAKE !!!
    NOT A “Head-up” !!!

    Only changes background color & truck point icon in the standart SCS GPS navigator !


  6. mike says:

    dont work for scania rlj

  7. Sether Oscar says:

    Nope, no ‘Heads up Display’ here, its very clearly FAKE.

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