Headlights for Scania RS, R4, T4, T, R700, St, R

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Modified headlight for Scania RS, R4, T4, T, R700, St, R.
Made a less real light. The shining now is not so bright, and not so far away (on the roof and the front with them is the same story)
Dipped light slightly sanctifies the roadside (in principle, as it should be)
For me it’s not even very bad (I made it myself)
If the mod for recommending themselves, then I will prescribe for all trucks.

Test on version 1.27



4 thoughts on “Headlights for Scania RS, R4, T4, T, R700, St, R

  1. lillebror dk

    can it use on rjl??

    1. Да может.в описании ясно сказано для каких грузовиков.T RS и 4 серии сегодня делает только RJL.глупых вопросов не задаём

    2. Killer of Thieves

      Of course, he was made for him.

  2. can you please update it for version 1.28

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