Headlights Xenon Realistic by Rockeropasiempre v 1.0

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This mod replaces the headlights of all the original trucks of the game, by xenon headlights of blue color. It also directly affects the color of the light projected by the headlight on the road. With this mod, the xenon light beam, is blue.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File Size: 47.3 Mb


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4 thoughts on “Headlights Xenon Realistic by Rockeropasiempre v 1.0

  1. Nice little touch, good mod 🙂 Credit to Rockeropasiempre

  2. multumesc

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Gracias a vosotros por los comentarios compañeros.


  3. is this mod compatible with RJL Scania 2.21

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