Heavier Cargos


This mod is simple. It changes cargos’s weight by increasing them (from 10tons up to 145tons). They are not necesseraly realistic but it makes the game more difficult and more challenging. Make sure you have a strong engine haha

Warning: It only changes the basic cargos of the game ! not trailers of other mods


Simply put the mod in the “Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/mod” folder
Launch the game
Edit your profile before starting it
Enable the mod by ticking it
And Enjoy the mod !

Tested on 1.10.1s



12 thoughts on “Heavier Cargos

  1. kriechbaum

    We need at least 1000 hps engines trucks for these cargos ahahahahahaha.

    1. MirmoZibang

      I have a 1500hp Scania T, and even with that, at above 70khm with a 128tons trailer I can’t stop the truck in a short distance xD ahahaha

  2. waar haal ik de mods met zware motoren scania en volvo daf

  3. video please

    1. Video? Why?
      This mod is even sillier than the last one like this. There is not a basic box or flatbed trailer built anywhere in the world that can carry this kind of weight.

  4. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. I know that some of the cargo’s weight is unrealistic. But, once I started playing with heavy loads in the game, it’s near impossible to go back to the stock loads. I made my 1st video that went way beyond what this mod even does. It’s silly yes but, It’s fun trying to see how far I can go with it.


    1. Shogoon1984

      Which Mod do you yuse for the Roadsign in the Navigation?

    2. What sound mod do you use ? That´s mod sound amazing :o) and what mod do you use to display the roadsign ? thx in advance

  5. Gorkal1ty

    Why not just take some more “ussual” engines like 520cv or less and make a real challenge? I dont understand…

  6. ###### mode, where you reality. play the fool with such modes

  7. Congratulations, you’ve just interesting Mod, but if you can not load 30 tons up to 100 tons can adjust the game better. Good luck

  8. Brian Matare

    Hahahaha this mod..my DAF truck could haul a 93tons load..it reduced its maximum speed to 45km/hr and i could climb hills hahaha 😀

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