Heavy Cargo Add-on

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Add-on for heavy cargo dlc, you need this dlc or it will not work!
also the high power dlc trailer pack.

This is only cargo, no trailer.

unpack the rar, move the zip file in your mod folder. do not unpack the zip file. activate the mod.
it may take up to three times sleep before visible in game.

Do not re-upload with-out my permission.


Zeeuwse Trucker


15 thoughts on “Heavy Cargo Add-on

  1. Thanks but crash for me

    “00:03:07.939 : Missing wheel accessory data!
    00:03:07.939 : Missing wheel accessory data!
    00:03:08.270 : Missing wheel accessory removed!
    00:03:08.270 : Missing wheel accessory removed!
    00:03:08.270 : Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/trailer_eu/schw_overweight/overweight.dlc_schwarzmuller.pmd
    00:03:15.982 : Missing wheel accessory data!
    00:03:15.982 : Missing wheel accessory data!
    00:03:16.113 : Missing wheel accessory removed!
    00:03:16.113 : Missing wheel accessory removed!
    00:03:16.113 : Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/trailer_eu/schw_overweight/overweight.dlc_schwarzmuller.pmd”

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      it’s cargo, no trailer so no wheels.

      1. I know but i have a dlc heavy cargo and wan’t choice a cargo , crash … you think dlc Shwarzmuller no compatible with your mod ?

  2. I find out, that it makes crashing PC, when you have
    RUS-ROS Heavy Load.

    Otherwise I wait for the Loads. LOL

  3. Мод не рабочий. Лог красный. Игра вылетает в галерее при попытке открыть категорию “Низкорамный – полуприцеп”.
    Fashion is not a worker. The log is red. The game takes off in the gallery when you try to open the category “Low loader – semi-trailer”.

  4. plz password mooi Nederlands produkt knap werk

    1. No Password needed, put the zip in your Modfolder and activate it. 😉

    2. zeeuwsetrucker

      Sorry, verkeerde rar geupload. Mijn mods zijn altijd open.
      ww is ets2moddingbyZT. excuses

      Sorry, wrong rar uploaded. My modes are always open.
      PW is ets2moddingbyZT. apologies

      grtz Zeeuwse

      1. Bedankt voor je antwoord.
        Ik zou wachten tot de goede is vervoegbaar.
        Of kan ik met de Link boven opnieuw laden?

  5. My game is crashing with this mod and i have both dlc

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      must be conflict?

  6. Only a small issues with some material
    [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/share/glass0.tobj” in the read_only mode
    [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/share/glass0.tobj’

    , but easily fixed
    Changed the filepath inside this file:
    texture[0] : “/vehicle/truck/share/glass.tobj”

    Thanks for bringing additional cargoes to these trailers, was getting boring with the same stuff all the time.

    1. well, just stumbled on some problems…
      the sarens_1 – when it’s on the overwight trailer the collisions are making it impossible to hook up, checked in Blender and the crane ‘s collision is not on the crane – it’s below it.

  7. What the #### of password ???

  8. dank je wel voor deze mod

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