Heavy Cargo Trailers Pack for Russian Open Spaces Map v 5.0

Version 5.0.
– Advanced coupling.
– Steer axles.
– Cable support.

On the new version, the old trailers gave an error. Models of new trailers are taken from the Big Heavy Cargo Pack V1.27-1.28. And converted to a new version of the game.

Test version 1.35 …
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One thought on “Heavy Cargo Trailers Pack for Russian Open Spaces Map v 5.0

  1. R_O_S_heavy_cargo35
    Hello. First of, this is a great mod and i hope it will be here for a long time. Is there a way to open the file in R_O_S_heavy_cargo35, as i try’d RAR 2019, latest zip/zip7, and other file opener’s, but i keep getting a message _ cannot open this file in archive _, please can you/someone help me with this. i’m only want to set some cargo load/mass on some cargos/trailers to my likings. This is just for my use only, as i love ABNORMAL_LONG_HEAVY LOADS, as i worked for 16 years in the crane/constrution industry and love driving and battling it out on ETS2 roads. Hope you can help.

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