Heavy Duty Bumper Addon for Scania RJL 1.39

This mod adds GT-Mods Old Heavy Duty Bumper to these trucks:
-Scania R4/R/S by RJL
-Scania T/T4 by RJL
-Scania P by Sogard3
-Scania G by Sogard3

-Wolfi – Base Model
-Mohammad Ali – Def Files
-xeviax99 – Beta Testing
-Neranjana – Teaser and Mod reviewer
-ryzenmaster75 – Update 1.39 ( new def, new material, more compability )


One thought on “Heavy Duty Bumper Addon for Scania RJL 1.39

  1. Could you please provide us with the link to wheel and rims mods used in those pictures ?

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