Heavy Haulage Convoy Mod for SCS 8x4s

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This mod realizes a heavy convoy. You can select Mercedes, Volvo and scania 8×4 versions. For giving real impression, these trailers have half weight. DLC Heavy Cargo is required. I want to add escorts but i dont have oversize dlc, due to i cant work on escorts. You can change skins of trucks in convoy at”/vehicle/trailer-eu/brand/company-paint-job/company.dds”. For current skins, i used high power Cargo dlc skin for Mercedes, standard 8×4 heavy duty skin for scania and Volvo. Also, you can change ballast box skin in “vehicle/truck/trakker/parça/agirlik.dds”.



6 thoughts on “Heavy Haulage Convoy Mod for SCS 8x4s

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. very bad video nobody see it

  2. GoldLightMe

    Actuality 900ton truck trailer??

  3. Syahmi_Asyraff

    I saw a bug when I transport one of these. After I detatch the trailer at the parking spot, there’s no delivery results, it’s just leave the trailer parked in there with incorrect parking marking. All of these make these jobs impossible. Hope you can fix this.

  4. hi, as I love this mod, I wanted to know kindly, when this mod will be updated to the new version of the game 1.34 ets2

  5. hi, I would like to ask you kindly when this mod will be updated to the 1.34 game version of ets 2, thanks for your cordial response.

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