Heavy Pack


In Pack includes:
– Atlas 1704 (excavator) 28 T
– Container Handling (catg) 35 T
– Hamm raco 450 (forklifts) 25 T
– Hasici tank (tractors) 35 T
– Scrapers CAT637G (cat 422) 29,5 T
– Podvalnik Kassbohrer (overweight)
– CAT D9T (two cats)

Author: casper1


6 Responses to Heavy Pack

  1. Manglar says:

    Standalone ?

  2. leha85 says:

    This mod for version

  3. PolskaTrucker says:

    Didn’t knew that this works for 1.12,thanks!

  4. m says:

    Make it standalone!

  5. RC says:

    How do you get .RAR files to work on the game… Cant seem to get them too

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