Heavy physics 1.28 v2.2

changes in version 2.2

adaptation of trucks:

MAN tgs, tgs euro6, tga, tgx euro6 (MADster)
man_tgx_2010 (XBS)
Камаз 43-63-65 off road (Koral)
kamaz 54-64-65 (Koral)
KamAZ 53602 (mTG)
URAL Stas556 (Road Team Art)
Ural 43202 (Ekualizer)
SISU R500, C500 and C600 (RJL)
Scania r4, rs, t, t4 (RJL)
Volvo VNL670 (Aradeth)
Volvo VNL780 Truck Shop

Сabin swing – adaptation to the current version
Behavior of model of the driver – adaptation to change of provision of a cabin
Coefficient of management – adaptation to control of the keyboard or the game controller
Brake system – adaptation to changes
Testing was held in average provisions of faders (use faders for settings in a game)

test: 1.28



4 thoughts on “Heavy physics 1.28 v2.2

  1. Hello, did you fix the brake?

    1. normal brakes, it is possible to choose as the slider intensity of braking

      1. Brake is too strong even though pull the silder to left
        i use G27

        1. adjust sensitivity of a pedal in the profile of G27 on a minimum

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