Heavy Trailer 225 Ton

trailer 225 ton for ETS2
support 1.28
test 1.27 & 1.28
heavy trailer
please do not reupload



5 thoughts on “Heavy Trailer 225 Ton

  1. What a ###### mod .your a ####

  2. Unreal Kids Mod
    This is a simulator game

  3. @Trucker : are you serious ? What’s the REAL problem if he uses it as an arcade game ? Are you impacted in your own life by the way someone else use ets2 ?

    A simulator ? Not really accurate, ie : when i put some gas in my truck without having put parking brake, even if the station area is slightly sloppy, the truck don’t move at all…Another one : if i want to be a little mad and decide to unhook my trailer when moving, no problem, there will be no damage for my truck nor for my trailer.

    So, these two points themselves amongst others littles “mistakes” break the word “Simulator”. ETS2 is something between arcade AND simulator, nothing better than that.
    Get a life, man, you’ll feel really better.

    1. BRAVO Bibi, KICK these angry arSeS! 🙂

  4. i drive these trailer with my truck (Man 1550hp) at 90 kmh, good job

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