Heavy Trailers v 1.2


– Atlas1704 28 T (Excavator)
– Container handlers 35 T (Catg)
– Hamm Raco 450 25 T (Forklift)
– Hasici Tank 35 T (Tractors)
– Scrapers CAT 637G 29.5 T (Cat422)
– Podvalnik Kassbohrer (Overweight)
– CAT D9T (Two Cats)

Author: casper1


11 thoughts on “Heavy Trailers v 1.2

  1. Are these standalone?

  2. Scaniadriver

    i think they replace the original heavywheights – nice mod.thank you

  3. casper1, can you make and put them all or 1-2 .scs files

  4. nice mod…working 🙂

  5. biochazard

    stand alone or replace ?

  6. mod works. trailers will not fit on ferry because they are too high.

    1. allan,do you can tell are trailers stanalone or replace some cargos

  7. traversier ???? ca veux dire quoi ????

  8. il y a beaucoup de ficher les quelle prendre moi veux juste les avoir en fret pas dans la circulation

  9. Brandon Kershaw, Tradex Haulage VTC

    Hi to whoever owns this mod,
    can i have your permisson to use this mod in a vtc division?
    Brandon Kershaw
    Partner in Tradex Haulage

  10. hi I’m running ver 1.22 and it just crashes hard 🙁

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