Heil Tanker Trailer 2 Axles


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 “Heil Tanker Trailer 2 Axles”

Heil Tanker and 5 skins to him.
Spelled out in traffic.

The authors 18 wos: TruckerDude, Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest, Chris1, Bora, Steven, Reddog, Eclipse Rims.

Convert a trailer and author of wheels: B4RT.

Test: v1.19.x

scs, TruckerDude, Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest, Chris1, Bora, Steven, Reddog, Eclipse Rims, B4RT.


8 Responses to Heil Tanker Trailer 2 Axles

  1. titan_estrada says:

    please make the wabash trailer with spoiler…

  2. B4RT says:

    ?????? Duplicate My post? Keep Original Link, means something?

  3. DC-David says:

    Hey guys, would you mind providing me with the template to the trailer? Or does it come with a template? I am thinking of maybe trying my hand at skinning one of these possibly. Thanks!

    • B4RT says:

      Friend’m doing an update with 15 Skins for this trailer besides the five already, I can try to put a picture DDS “PLAIN” which shows the positions that should be the images ok

  4. Ralph says:

    No trailers in traffic??? I’ve driven thousands of miles and not one Heil trailer in sight. Tried all versions too, no trailers in traffic. I looked at all the def files, and no mention of any include in traffic files… Very nice trailers but, in traffic would be better. Thanks…

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