High Geared 8 Speed Transmission


This mod improve acceleration and fuel consumption for all Trucks:
– Forward: 8 gears
– Reverse: 3 gears
– Retarder: 4 steps or NONE retarder brake

– 8 speed
– Fix some gear ratio
– Now you can choose from with retarder / without retarder

Author: KMNO2496


5 thoughts on “High Geared 8 Speed Transmission

  1. Awesome mod 🙂 Can you make it for the Scania 143M 2.5 and the 164l ? It would be great

  2. this is a great mod. one plus for you. thanks

  3. can this work with 50k daf xf?

  4. cool

  5. layejoker

    Thanks dude really makes the game more enjoyable

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