High Vertical Exhaust Pipes v 5.5

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– DAF XF 105 by 50k … (1/1R/1E/2/3)
– DAF XF by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– DAF XF by ohaha … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– DAF XF Euro6 by SCS … (1/2)
– DAF XF Euro6 by ohaha … (1/2)
– Iveco Hiway by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E/3)
– Iveco Stralis by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E/3)
– MAN Euro6 by Danz … (1/2)
– MAN F2000 EVO by Chech, Indomable… … (1/2/3)
– MAN TGS Euro5 by GTMods … (1/2/3)
– MAN TGX by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Mercedes Benz Actros by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E/3)
– Mercedes Benz Actros MP1 1944s by Borges, Dmitry68, Stas556 … (1/2/3)
– Mercedes Benz Actros MP2 by Elaman … (1/2)
– Mercedes Benz Actros MP3 by Moders-Team-Poland … (1/1R/1E/1L/2/2R/2E/2L/3)
– Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 by Danz … (1/2/3)
– Mercedes Benz Axor Ultimate Mod by KaptaN_38, Danz … (1/2/3)
– Renault Premium by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Renault Magnum by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Renault Magnum by Moders-Team-Poland … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Renault Magnum Integral by Sheryo, Maksim Ognevenko … (1/2/3)
– Renault Magnum Integral 390 by Bogdan Kasalap (find in baki) … (1/2/3)
– Renault Magnum Integral 390 by Haxwell … (1/2/3)
– Renault Magnum Legend by Dmitry68, Knox_xss… (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Renault Magnum Legend Mat Edition by Dmitry68, Knox_xss… (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Renault Range T by Oleg, Diesel3d … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania 143m Edit by Ekualizer (1/2)
– Scania 4 by satan19990 … (1/2)
– Scania Evolution by Mastersofspain, Blade1974 … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania G by gamamod.com … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania G Streamline by gamamod.com … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania R by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania R Longline by Malcom37 (find in highpipes) … (1/2/3)
– Scania R700 & R700 Lux by AU44 … (1/2/3)
– Scania R1000 Concept by Blade1974 … (1/2)
– Scania R2008 by 50k (find in highpipes) … (1/2)
– Scania R2008 by 50k Edit by Matdom1988 (find in highpipes) … (1/2)
– Scania R2009 Reworks by GTMods … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania T730 by GTMods (find in highpipes) … (1/2)
– Scania T by RJL (find in highpipes) … (1/2/3)
– Scania T Longline by Henki (find in highpipes) … (1/2/3)
– Scania Truck Modified by pete379jp … (1/1R/1E)
– Scania Trucks Pack by aslan808, hamed30, 50keda … (1/2)
– Scania Streamline by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Scania Streamline Megapack by Punisher … (1/2)
– Scania Streamline Reworks by GTMods … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– SISU R500 & C500 & C600 by RJL (find in highpipes) … (1/2)
– Volvo FH13 Classic by Peerke145 … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Volvo FH16 2009 by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Volvo FH16 2009 by ohaha … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E)
– Volvo FH16 2012 by ohaha & update by Pendragon … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E/3)
– Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha … (1/1R/1E/2/2R/2E/3)
– Scania 4 na satan19990 – Low Deck variant
– Scania Evolution by Mastersofspain, Blade1974
– Scania R Longline by Malcom37
– Scania R1000 Concept by Blade1974
– Nkladnch voz Scania pack aslan808, hamed30, 50keda
– Mercedes Benz Axor Konen Mod by KaptaN_38, Danz
– Volvo FH16 2012 by ohaha & aktualizace by Pendragon



16 Responses to High Vertical Exhaust Pipes v 5.5

  1. Trucker says:

    High pipes are interesting if we ever had realistic smoke by the game creators (SCS) or they are useless..i know some modders made smoke but when you switch your truck off smoke still runs out which is not realistic.
    Btw thanks for your work mate!

  2. Mo7Xmc says:

    Wow Thanks

  3. Ingetz says:

    I missed that mod! Thx

  4. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31….

  5. papou says:

    pity it does not work with the chassis 6×4, 6×2 of volvo Fh 2012

  6. papou says:

    I try to edit with NOTEPAD, but I do not understand well. Could you add them because I really like this style. A big thank-you.

  7. BigJhon says:

    Not realistic mod!

    • Steve says:

      So? Go create a realistic one if you want it so much ๐Ÿ˜›

      • BigJhon says:

        I do not need you for that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Steve says:

          All I’m saying is quit whining and take what you get. This is a game after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Canarinho says:

    ERROR> [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/highpipes/materials/chrome_pipe.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]} vs {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]}

  9. mehrab rjl 8000 says:

    add for scania rjl and specially lonline cab

  10. Burak says:

    what is the mode in the third photo?

  11. paulo sagitario says:

    Hi, my friend, I really like your mod and I use it on my truck. I would like to know if there’s any way you can put smoke in it. Thank you.

  12. Felipe says:

    Sadly does’t work on 1.34

    • flep says:

      Correction: it works, but it will relies on the truck you are selecting and if the pipe is available depending on how many rear wheels you setup. I was expecting to overcome / overwrite this behavior as high pipes shouldn’t be limited by the limitations to the side pipes =/

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