High wheels


Author: goba6372


23 Responses to High wheels

  1. Mihail says:

    This mod is forbidden to distribute! Immediately remove it from the site!

    • admin says:

      If your are this mod author, fill Report abuse form (in right).

    • BartvHam says:

      If you want to keep your mods private, KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF and give them to no-one.

      • TFM says:

        Oh Noes! I already got my dirty paws on it and I’m a filthy pirate. Consider it public. ‘-)

        True, the only way to keep mods secure is to keep them and not distribute them.

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Indeed and the stupid discussions will stop,

    @ Admin remove this mod, than it will be peacefull here,


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. HJV says:

    Why are you all whinging it doesn’t work anyway,keeps crashing the game.

  4. leha says:

    This mod may not be distributed, you are a bad person, you’re a radish!

  5. volvo213 says:

    How to hook into the trailer? There is a tractor too high?


  6. Robin Good says:

    wear loose camera, digit ‘ 0 ‘ then F9

  7. viper21 says:

    good good mod!! thank you, uploader! i look for him allot!

  8. viper21 says:

    and download link doesn’t work… f**k you!!! keep the wheels for your mom!!

  9. I says:

    You can not properly install the mod, because it was not created for the default game. Who with pussy comes to us that otebal go away!

  10. Richard says:

    Works fine for me…. Buy new truck to get wheels…. Ain’t used a too low trailer yet as someone mentioned earlier…. Makes the Volvo looks cool….

  11. Richard says:

    Instructions on how to connect trailers if truck too high? Can lower suspension? If so how…. Looking in one of the videos….

  12. Robin Good says:

    you can disable the suspension, зецепить trailer and connect suspension. You can use a free camera.

    • Robin Good says:

      можно отключить подвеску, зацепить трейлер и подключить подвеску или использовать режим свободной камеры. Rнопка 0 потом f9

  13. илья says:

    почему когда я скачиваю архив пустой?

    • Robin Good says:

      может недокачиваешь?Вроде нет проблемм с архивом, там если что один раз распаковать нужно

  14. dinosaur spaceship says:

    Zee Vrushans Argh Carming!

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