Higher Xp Bonuses


This mod increase the amount of xp given by 9000 on each things shown as below

Perfect Deliver Xp 9000
Adr Xp Bonus 9000
Important JobXp Bonus 9000
Urgent JobXp Bonus 9000
Fragile CargoXp bonus 9000
Long Distance Xp Bonus 9000
Heavy Cargo Xp Bonus 9000
Trailer Parking Xp Bonus 9000
Cargo DamageXp Loss 100

Author: To Tarseam Singh


9 thoughts on “Higher Xp Bonuses

  1. iteresting idea!

  2. Otherwise named as cheating 😉
    But everyone as he likes.

  3. is not work?!

    1. Breaker36

      which game version are you trying it

      1. 1.13.3

        1. Breaker36

          you need to activate your skills then try

  4. Not work ?!?!?!

    1. Breaker36

      which game version are you trying it

  5. works but not with tsm

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