Hino 700


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– Collect from forum bbs.18wos.org
– This mod is include 3 file *.scs
– Buy at DAF truck dealer
– Tested: 1.18.3
– Thank’s ♡尛§財$迷 very much



17 thoughts on “Hino 700

  1. Pretty, but not standalone 🙁

  2. Thanks for respecting the auther

  3. Is it possible to make the words on the doors removed, or at least in texture form?

  4. TruckingLover

    Nice one..
    Full HD video:http://youtu.be/Nz_QtAMuS2E

  5. i like this mod, Can you give us the templates for this truck and can you make some more tuning options in another version please? You should also consider a mitsubishi fuso in future.Thank you

  6. yes and please standalone next time

  7. total scrap. pending mirrors in interior view, unmatched chassis and so on …

  8. Interior is not original. The truck is another imperfection. Very bad.

    1. Make better if it’s bad

      1. Can you show me how to unlock it or send me a copy of a unlocked version then please. Its hard to try and make it better when we dont have the option

  9. the good one, can you improve your truck mate?

  10. 麥津毓


  11. JeanPechenegs

    Can I help convert to standalone. but file is lock 🙁

  12. Thitichai Ratanavises

    it’s compatible with
    sorry my bad english i’m thai

  13. It’s compatible LHD and RHD? Sorry, bad English.

  14. please update in work 1.27xx!

  15. does it work on and 2.4?

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