Hino AK 1J With 7 Front & 8 Back

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This is new Hino AK 1J with 7 Fronts & 8 Backs. It is a premium mod. This was a sell mod but now this is free to use. 7 different front design and 8 different back are in there. Sounds are now fully realistic. Looking glass lights are added in front looking glass. Realistic fog light added.I will add 400 Skin and 100 Stiker on this mod very soon.
Hope that all guys enjoy it very much. Thanks

Supported : 1.31 to 1.36

Rindray, RS Iqbal, SK Jobair


5 thoughts on “Hino AK 1J With 7 Front & 8 Back

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

    1. Boring always copy and paste… ?

  2. Rohit Desale

    ETS 2 dow

  3. Rohit Desale

    James Bond ets 2

  4. Rohit Desale

    Ets 2 download

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