HINO CLASSIC AK-173 With 5 Fronts & 7 Backs

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Hino AK 173 is a classical bus mod. This mod got updates recently by Faysal.

Change log:
*New 27 skins
*Added new steering : Tata , Isuzu , Ashok Layland , Eicher.
* Hino Ak Custom
* Dirty tire
*Helper added.

Dealer :- DAF
Supported: 1.31 to 1.36

There is a small review and customisation video with this mod : https://youtu.be/lc9vaShNLhs

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Rindray, Sultan Mahmud & RS Iqbal


7 thoughts on “HINO CLASSIC AK-173 With 5 Fronts & 7 Backs

  1. asdasdasd

    Bangladeshis, Iranians and Indonesians are ###### and #####

    1. ???

  2. stop making these bull sh*ts! we need trucks not busses in this game

    1. ???

  3. Who needs these buses? Maybe you have not noticed, but it’s a simulator for trucks.

    1. Yes, you are right, Vader ???

  4. iVarunKumar

    Hino BRTC Bus Mod Bangladesh [Tested v1.36]


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