Holland Curtains White v 1.0

Holland Curtains White V1.0.For Verson 1.27.x up.
Yhis mod is beta an you can get it for a few money 2 euros.
This mod is not make crash or any problem for the game.
Compatible for all Trucks.
you need to install manual but it s so easy.

Radu Razvan Custom Garage Caspian custom team


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7 thoughts on “Holland Curtains White v 1.0

  1. Thanks for the mod, what is the password for extract the file ?

  2. kennifc1994

    password plz

  3. downloads as a RAR file and has a password so how do you add to game ?

  4. Digital X

    There is no password guys, I just dragged the RAR file into my Mod folder.

    1. Daniel Nunes

      Digital X, and it works?

  5. fullxpert

    не могли бы сделать такие же шторки только Датского стиля (красные) чтобы не только на лобовом стекле были шторки,но и по с боку .Заранее Вам Благодарен!

  6. KindaOnLoose

    theres no scs file i need help

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