Hollandstyle Combo Pack


Pack consist of Holland Skin for Scania Truck and Trailer, also lightbox, wheels and sunvisor

Author: Puckot


26 thoughts on “Hollandstyle Combo Pack

  1. Nice MOD
    Do you have link for only the lights?

    Robin ( Norwegian game-driver )

    1. Puckot0211

      Lamps and truck is private

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Why lock this while it is not the truck on the picture and the skin quality is not what it seems to be, wast of downloading this mod.


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. Puckot0211

      Well Freddy if u don´t like it then don´t use it! Simple as that. And if i want to lock my stuffs then its up to me right?

    2. big Brother NBA is watching y

      so crypt the files

  3. jag som trodde du inte skulle dela med att? eller har jag fel?

    1. Puckot0211

      Ser inget större problem i att dela med mig av skinnet, trailen, fälgarna, solskyddet och ljusboxen när jag släppte de på Team Holländerz när vi nådde 200 likes eller va det va

  4. Jimmy buray

    Really poor quality! Dont waste the time for download this ####!

  5. I could download the files. but havent tested the MODs

  6. GhostRunner

    #### skin lol private truck with no modification it’s a joke.
    Next time keep your #### for you,###### noob

  7. Did you remove this ? Because i can’t download ,keeps saying : link belongs to a non-validated account.

  8. Same come to me. I think he have deleted it, or he have maked it “Private”

    1. Puckot0211

      Haven´t deleted anything. And if u guys think its bad quality then make it better and don´t waste your time downloading my skins

      1. Har ikke sagt at du har dårlig skin, var helt OK syns jeg 🙂

        Keep up the good work 🙂

        1. Puckot0211

          Har fått nå problem med mitt mediafire konto. Men har skapat nytt så de kommer en ny länk på de idag

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Link is deleted by Mr Puckot himself

    1. Puckot0211

      Freddy u sir are a retarded! I haven´t deleted anything! I have some problems with my mediafire account and iv´e made a new one so new DL link will be up today

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Mr puckot

        To callme retardeed is comming hardmy dad just ded of alzheimer! If You want a fight do it on my facebook! Not all over the world You little Moron!

        Second i have my meaning and i am free to say so!

        Third it is an arrogancy You have to call Yourself in Your language “the Allmighty”
        Only God/Allah/Jah/Jawé is allmighty, we are souls who live here and ar gifted by “The Almighty”to do our things!

        I rest my case,


        Freddy H. Jimmink

  10. I’m not saying it’s bad,i just said i couldn’t access the download link .. As for the mod .. too bad you don’t wanna share it .. could’ve been interesting. Cheers.

  11. File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.
    The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated

    I keep getting this message when i access the download link,no ideea how everyone else downloaded this ..

  12. Hollandstyle Combo Pack Voll Der Schrott !!!

  13. Now now,you boys don’t get into no arguement. Freddy J. has been around for a long time making some nice skins and i personaly love his work.Anyway .. the download works,the paint is okay,i personaly love the paint on wheels as well .. it’s decent,sure,can be improved ..but i see no reason to be mean with the poor guy,c’mon ya’ll. Cheers. And maybe you would want to share that truck mod,eh ? Would be great,thanks anyway.

  14. Good quality and I like the trailer especially 🙂

  15. hi Puckot. can you give me the password please indicate so would make this my diesing.

    Please seden me on my e.mail.
    [email protected]

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