HologramVisorMOD by FurkanSevke


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Mercedes Actros 2014
Scania Streamline
Volvo FH16 2012


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22 thoughts on “HologramVisorMOD by FurkanSevke

  1. Very Nice! This is what Mod is all about. It shows creativity, iniciative and inovation. Thanks Furkan for making the game we all love much better now.

  2. marchamilton

    hi FurkanSevke, can you make this available to work on all trucks please, i drive in single player : kenworth K200, T908 Peterbilt 389, Argosy
    email me please : [email protected]

    1. FurkanSevke

      permit required from author

  3. if you can make the front mirror like this it be nice

  4. This looks great. I was just wondering about it last night! Will be testing tonight. Many thanks!!!!

  5. Hi FurkanSevke, this mod looks great, it would be nice to make it for UK interior and for all over trucks in the game, also instead of the trucks computer how about having the speed counter, look forword to a update soon

  6. You’re come back! Can you rework the BMW X6 please?

    1. FurkanSevke

      yes i am work on it 🙂 but you and trm31.. Please Do not touch my mood. Do not misunderstand me. but its a special mod for me i love it. I do not want anyone else to edit bmwx6

      1. Sorry, but it’s a good mod! And I want to make happy people! We don’t have touched the 3D, I just updated this mod. If I can help you, I’m present 😉

        1. FurkanSevke

          I can understand you but its complicated mod . If you edit this mod it cant be stable.

          Please contact me for other thinks : [email protected]

  7. Excellent idea and innovation!

  8. Excellent work and idea! Thank you for sharing. As Ficfic said above, can you rework the BMW X6, please? It would be nice to have it also in garage, beside Ford, Jeep, Sprinter, because, your BMW X6 was also a great car to drive in this game. ;)…
    Once again, thank you and keep up the great and hard work.

    1. FurkanSevke

      It comes with BMW innovations and fixed bugs 🙂 Please use my links and name. if you support to me i can do more 🙂

  9. Faelandaea

    As a real world pilot, I have made use of HUD (Heads-Up Display) technology like this – especially in airbus, as well as the Boeing NG series aircraft for the short hauls. In reality, tech like this is going to be in commercial truck driving sooner than we think. At least that is my perception.

    It is awesome that someone has started bringing this sort of tech into our simulation via mods. I have always found using this stuff to be much safer – you can keep your eyes on the environment and not have to stray at all to also see critical information, which for a truck driver would definitely need to be speed, air-brake pressure and fuel levels, as well as alerts for bad things happening to your engine.

    DEFINITELY downloading this now. 🙂 Thank you.

  10. I totally agree as all others say: very well done! A splendid idea! Hope this can be done to others trucks, too 🙂

  11. plz create only map this size in right angle monitor

  12. Greate MOD – thanks!

  13. Can you please make parking camera if possible

  14. Hello!
    Why i am writing this comment is i’m so proud at your mod
    i’m Korean So i’m not good at English, But i want to write this comment with my horrable English.
    and i want to share this mod in my community
    can i share this mod?
    i will write the modder name, video, and this link.

    1. furkansevke

      of course you can share with my link 🙂

  15. krakendasmares

    Thanks a lot

  16. furkan i really enjoy your car mods and think you make them to a really high standard with realistic interiors , i would like to request for you to make a car mod of the 2016 mercedes s class with an interior this would be greatly appriciated if you can make this mod

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