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Small settlement in Poland

Beautiful Home for all Truck drivers

Authors: trucker2121, Soxic vel MGK


37 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Mod

  1. can make more places

  2. Very fun to have a house in Poland from now, good work could make more jobs like this? distributed by europe good job so follow greetings.

  3. Nefertiti

    Cool, where is it though? Do I need DLC Going EASt or any map mods?

    1. IdekAnymorelmao

      Yes, You need to have Going East DLC i think, I’m not that sure.

  4. RobViguurs

    would you like to make one on the hungary map please? with fast travel icon should be very cool. great mod

  5. Good idea keep it up.

  6. This mod requires Going East DLC

  7. fantastic…thanks



  10. Works with promods ??

  11. Should be the first garage you have 😉

  12. se puede usar como zona para dormir

  13. Mercohaulic

    Nice work I would like to see it in tthe UK as well

    @ Soxic he gave you credit there for he did not steal it. he may have modified it. But did not steal it.

  14. Nice idea! Great mod!

    Is it possible to do to Wroclaw ?

  15. I hope this gets a thing, and then someone make alot of diffrent homes in the promods map 😉

  16. Dziwisz się? niemiec zajebał! mod was stolen , please remove it from the forum!

    1. Naprawdę?

    2. Tak naprawdę to tylko link zmienił bo sam chciał mieć punkty na SM. ALE TKAI CHUJ.

  17. wow very nice!

    this work TSM map?

  18. Where is it at in hannover that’s where’s my first garage is

  19. No keep use of promod mal is use original map

  20. Mercohaulic

    Just tried the Mod on TSM 5.1 and it works fine.

  21. this idea is genial. well done, bro!

  22. friend
    you can put this to all the maps in espcial to TSM …
    It’s great to have a home to rest instead Workshop, principamente in return the city where the game started.
    Congratulations …

  23. WerderBremen2005

    Create please the map of Republic Moldova with the city Chisinau,Balti,Edinet…

  24. Nice Idea 😉

  25. jarno douma

    can you make it too for normal version from ets2 and not going east

  26. Look very nice but for me its not working. I try to find it but i still dont have it. I have a Polandrebulding map. So this is so sad for me. 🙁

  27. good mod but more places


  29. Crashing when i go near it for me, using ProMods

  30. harnik555

    hallo i need the new donload from ETS 2 Multiplayer

  31. i cant find it

  32. is there Damien.

    trucker2121, can update to v1.20

    it is full game.log.txt of this message:
    00:26:08.529 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x2CC50A25AE00082)

  33. where i will find this home in the map

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