Honda Accord 2021 1.46

It is compatible with Version 1.46.
Quality rendering
Running realistic lights
Running animations
7 Wheel options
2 İnterior options
2 Rear bumper options
Roof rack option
And more…
You can use the vehicle as original or modified if you wish.
Reloading is prohibited.

Berat Afsin, Muhammet Kılınc


4 thoughts on “Honda Accord 2021 1.46

  1. Almost the perfect car mode we want. but there are this invisible crashes while driving. The car collides out of nowhere and gets damaged. Please look into the issue

    1. I have this issue as well.

      The Accord is way to low for the game. Any little game bump, or elevation on the road causes issues.

      Maybe try lifting the Honda Accord 1 inch.
      I too would like to use this mod.

  2. The car slips a lot in some corners

  3. ilk indirmemde mod yöneticisinde çıkıyor fakat oyun içine gelmiyor sildim tekrar yükledim yine olmuyor yardımcı olamazmısınız?

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