Honda Civic Type R v 2.2

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Change.log V2.2

– updated to 1.32


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8 thoughts on “Honda Civic Type R v 2.2

  1. Another Skoda….

    Stop it!

    1. modding1990


    2. Dude… This is actually made a #### ton times better than all the other ”Skoda ripoffs” you are referencing…

      For example…

      Do Skoda ripoffs go in a standalone slot in it’s own dealership? No…

      Do Skoda ripoffs have functioning plate systems? No… Most have plates already slapped on them, being turkish or whatever…

      Do Skoda ripoffs have great quality interiors like Azorax’s ones? No! Some may actually go to that quality, but, Azorax takes care of his car mods, unlike some Skoda copycats…

      Do Skoda ripoffs have their own sounds? No… This one, and a few other of Azorax’s mods are also with the Skoda sounds, but does that bother us? No… Some of Azorax’s mods come with custom sounds, for example, the Nissan 370Z that he recently updated…

      Moral of the story?

      Azorax doesn’t make your typical Skoda ripoffs… If you don’t like the mods, shut up! There are people who like these! I do aswell… If you don’t have constructive criticism that COULD help the creator to make it better, keep your hate to yourself, and move on…

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  3. The Azorax mods are original. These are not skoda editions. You can put them all in the same profile along with the skoda and work smoothly. The cars are not perfect, they may like more or less, but of course they are the best car mods that we have, not to say almost the only ones. At least you could bother to try them before you talk about them.

  4. tu nic nie zostalo zmienione,jak wersji 1.5,dalej brak wycieraczek,cieni dachu,jak z boku swiatla stop,ktore swieca w srodku,nie wiem po co uplodowac niezmieniony model

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      dlatego pisze ze updatowany na 1.34….

    2. AzoraxModdingGaming

      bo jak by nie zostal zupdatowany na 1.34 to by na tej wersji skakal

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