Honda Titan 2008 v2.0

Own engine and gearbox
Your own sounds
Your own interior
Its wheels
It is painted
For sale at a mod dealer
For version 1.49.x



3 thoughts on “Honda Titan 2008 v2.0

  1. ATS Trucker

    this really needs its own physics file, to stop the sway and overturning when taking corners, bike looks good, got to stop that sway though, i have both your VW voyage and the coup mods along with Tiozão Gamer 68 Barracuda mod, the only cars i have. i like your mods a lot, because they have a driver, and compatible with sisl’s megapack too, love driving around with a passenger, especially Momji and Ada. Are you bringing you F250 mod here too?

  2. What is this supposed to be, some total mistake… normally it’s a bit of an exaggeration, what else will be added? UFOs? massacre…….

  3. Honda Titan 2008 v2.0 Video Review:

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